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Joan of Arc® Brie Cheese (USA)

Whether atop crackers or complementing fresh fruit and walnuts, Joan of Arc® Brie Cheese is a bona-fide party favorite. This well-loved French cheese’s origins can be traced back to the fifth century in the Ile-de-France region just outside Paris. Encased by an edible rind, brie’s tender ivory interior carries a mellow, memorable flavor. Its aroma brings to mind fresh mushrooms and makes any snacking experience a more pleasant one. Best served at room temperature, Brie Cheese is best enjoyed in its “affine,” or fully ripened, state.

Serving Suggestions

  • A party favorite served at room temperature with fresh fruits and walnuts
  • Layer with sun-dried tomatoes for a flavorful treat
  • Bake en croûte and top with dried cranberries for elegant appetizer

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